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About Us


Modern Slant Interiors is a woman-owned and family-operated interior design studio, proudly serving clients with residential and select commercial projects throughout the Bay Area.


Our studio offers comprehensive services from start to finish, including space planning, consulting with architects and builders, as well as finishes and décor.


With a focus on style, livability, and sustainability, our goal is to create laid-back and thoughtful spaces. We prioritize helping our clients find their style and strive to turn houses into approachable, elevated, and welcoming homes.

Black-Owned Interior Design Studio-Owner Profile Racquel Valle.jpg

Our Owner/Principal


Racquel began her design career in the apparel industry designing elegant gowns and managing production. After years of working closely with textiles, sourcing raw materials, and contributing to the creative direction behind the scenes, Racquel innately developed her signature style and found her true joy in the world of interior design.


At the core of our design philosophy lies the pursuit of tranquility, recognizing the profound influence our surroundings have on our overall well-being. With a commitment to making purposeful design accessible to everyone, we strive to create a positive impact within our community, one exquisite space at a time.

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