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The 2024 Design Trends That Made Our List

After returning from an inspiring road-trip to view the newest design introductions, I'm thrilled to share our team's insights on the 2024 design trends that truly captivated us. This year, the fusion of history and personal expression in interior design is more pronounced than ever. Here are the standout trends that resonated with us the most...

Fluted Finishes + Mixed Materials

Lighting with fluted details and mixed materials are sure to be on trend this year. Opting for lighting that exudes subtle elegance really enhances the ambiance without overwhelming it. The right piece can really bring a room together and make it feel collected.

Close-up of a fluted glass sconces with brass accents, exemplifying the 2024 romantic lighting trend in interior design

Close-up of a fluted glass sconce with brass accents, exemplifying the 2024 trend of mixing materials in interior design

Soft Vintage

And who doesn’t appreciate a beautiful rug? Some of our favorites incorporate colors like weathered blues, creamy tans, powdery grays, and vintage browns. When paired with modern furniture and curated accents they create a harmonious balance between contemporary design and classic style, resulting in a living space that exudes both comfort and sophistication.

A soft vintage rug with weathered blues and creamy tans, placed under modern furniture in a contemporary living room setting.

Warm Bohemian Colors + Textures

This year's home décor trends embrace a range of red tones, from terracotta to deep rust, adding warmth and vibrancy to everything from main pieces to throws. This shift marks a departure from neutral tones, infusing living spaces with a richer, more dynamic color palette.

Vibrant living room decorated with terracotta and rust-colored throws and pillows, showcasing warm bohemian colors and textures.

Curved Silhouettes

Curved silhouettes are bringing a soft, organic feel to modern interiors. These flowing shapes, seen in sofas, chairs, and even lighting, add a touch of elegance and comfort, breaking away from the sharp lines traditionally associated with contemporary design. The rise of curved furniture introductions we're seeing is sure to add a gentle, welcoming ambiance to the modern home.

Classic elegant curved custom swivel chair.

Minimalist Maximalism

This trend merges the simplicity of minimalism with the boldness of maximalism. It's all about making a statement with a few carefully chosen pieces, rather than overwhelming the space. Think large-scale art, bold color accents, or a single dramatic piece of furniture set against a backdrop of neutral, minimalist design. Minimalist maximalism is perfect for those who love both the serene simplicity of minimalism and the expressive boldness of maximalist designs.

Dining area featuring a large artwork, matching statement lamps, complementing the modern, sleek furniture.

As a designer, viewing the trends firsthand is always an incredibly enriching experience. Each trend speaks to a deeper desire for connectivity with our own unique stories. It's clear that this year's designs are not just about aesthetics; they're about creating meaningful spaces that resonate on a personal level. We're excited to infuse these elements into our upcoming projects, and we can't wait to see how they'll transform our clients' spaces.

Brass pendant lighting with chain and glass detail.

Modern Slant Interiors - Principal Designer

Road Trip - Behind the design process


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